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Kujo shoe
Kujo shoe
Kujo shoe
Kujo shoe
Kujo shoe
Kujo shoe
Kujo shoe
Women's Footwear
The Kujo Yard Shoe
4.2/5 (91 Reviews)
4.5/5 (248 Reviews)
Updated 09/03/2019
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The Kujo Yard Shoe is a tough, hybrid work shoe. Merging boot-like durable tread and water-resistance with the flexibility and light weight of a breathable athletic shoe - it is built for a cool and comfortable hard day's work.

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Like a Shoe:
  • Lightweight-Keeps feet light & active
  • Breathable-Promotes airflow on the hot, sweaty days
  • Flexible-Bends with your foot for agility
  • Comfortable-Prevents blisters & cushions feet
Like a boot:
  • Durable-Protects & pads your foot
  • Long Lasting-Made to weather the elements
  • Water Resistant-Deters water from the grass or hose
  • Fitted-Keeps debris, clippings, & dirt out
  • Tough Traction-Grips ground while pushing or working

A tough 1/4 inch rubber outsole protects the bottom of the shoe and features 6mm lugs for tough traction and flex grooves for agile mobility.

The cushioned EVA midsole measures 1/4 inch thick for enchanced comfort and anti-fatigue.

The toe cap is a smooth SPU which resists water & abrasion, and sports a flex window for increased breathability and agility.

The lightweight Transparent Sonic Welds keep the shoe stabilzed and supported without the heavy excessive layers.

The breathable air mesh canvases the upper to provide airflow while protecting against water and debris with its inner lining.

The smart collar lining is equipped with antimicrobial protection and added padding for comfort.

Great Shoes!!
Shoes are fantastic. They're comfortable, stylish and live up to it's price. Yes $100 seems expensive but they are made well, and have good traction. I can't wait to use them for a full season and will be back to review again after using them all summer. They do run a little on the big side so I would recommend getting a half size smaller, but that's just me. Very satisfied so far! Higly recommend!
July 20, 2018
Verified Review
Definitely recommend
Have worn these shoes for a few weeks and love them. They are cooler than my previous shoes worn for yard work. After work is done I simply wash them off with the hose and they look and feel like new. I will definitely keep using Kujo Yard Shoes for my outside chores. I have used many types of shoes for the same t;ype of work and nothing comes close to the comfort and usability of these shoes. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.
July 11, 2018
Verified Review
Quality is key when it comes to your feet!
When your looking for a good shoe the qualities we look for are comfort, less fatigue, and water resistant. Kujo has accomplished this in full. I own a professional landscape company and we value our feet because of how much we are on them. At the end of the day our feet feel great. Highly recommend
July 11, 2018
Verified Review



Keeps feet light & active


Promotes airflow on the hot, sweaty days


Bends with your foot for agility


Prevents blisters & cushions feet

Easy to Clean

Dirt & grass wipe away


Protects & pads your foot

Long Lasting

Made to weather the elements

Water Resistant

Deters water from the grass or hose


Keeps debris, clippings, & dirt out

Tough Traction

Grips ground while pushing or working

Dope Design

Keeps the neighbors jealous
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Back of the kujo yard shoe
Cushioned EVA Midsole offers long-lasting comfort and stability
Rubber Outsole grabs both grass and hard surfaces
Sole of the kujo yard shoe
Strategic Grip Pods
for dynamic traction
6mm Lugs for
responsive grip
Flex Grooves provide
extreme flexibility
Top of the kujo yard shoe
Strategic Flex Window
enhances breathability
and flexibility
Smooth SPU resists
water & abrasion yet
easily wiped clean
Side of the kujo yard shoe
Breathable Air Mesh with inner
lining protects from water and
Transparent Sonic Welds
add durable support
without the weight
Breathable Collar Lining
with Antimicrobial

Chosen by the Pros
Landscapers | Arborists | Package Deliverers | Home Inspectors | Tour Guides
Arborist wearing Kujo shoes

Land Care Professional / Landscaper

The Kujo Yard Shoe has made the most important tradeoffs to work like a boot and fit like a shoe. Our anti-boot has a unique toe-cap that is easily cleaned, keeps feet dry, and repels grass while the aggressive rubber grip was specifically designed for wet, grassy slopes. Lawn Care and Landscaping Professionals finally have a smart and functional footwear option designed for the outdoor "office".

" Hands down these shoes are a game changer for my business and the way we work. We're no stranger to clunky work boots that become hot and sweaty during the work day. These light weight shoes have made doing our lawn care maintenance work a breeze. I'm so glad someone came out with a product like this! "

Shoes of a lawn care professional


When doing tree work, there's nothing more important to an arborist than a confident traction. Knowing it's the right footwear on those long limb walks despite wet or slippery conditions is priceless…and that's where we come in. Battling gravity and the elements, our shoes will keep feet dry and lightweight, making them the perfect shoe for Arborists.

" So after nearly a month of using them (in the nastiest 4 weeks of weather we've had in a while) on pruning jobs I have to say they have performed well. This past week I was contract climbing down in PA near Longwood pruning some nice big scarlet and pin oaks with lots of long limb walks and never lost traction. I walked through 2-3" of heavy slushy snow and my feet stayed dry. Pruned a wet and snowy spruce that was slippery as a greased up eel and only slipped twice. "

Arborist wearing Kujo shoes

Mail Carriers & Package Deliverers

Protecting against wet days, comforting on long days, or cooling on hot days, Kujo Yard shoes are a great fit for mail and package deliverers. This water-resistant, breathable, and lightweight shoe makes the miles easier with comfort, protection, and style.

Walking on roof wearing Kujo shoes

Home Inspectors

For a Home Inspector whose job brings them both indoors and out, our Kujo Yard Shoes give them a professional look packed with functionality. Kujo's aggressive grip offers exceptional traction on lawns, roofs, and other hard surfaces, while keeping feet dry in wet grass and comfortable all day long.

Water resistent shoes for tour guides

Tour Guides

A Tour Guide takes on the weather, terrains, and a whole lot of walking. With everyday comfort and lightweight, Kujos offer anti-fatigue wear all day long. From dewy, grassy battlefields to concrete memorials, our aggressive grip provides traction no matter the circumstance. All of the comfort and lightweight from an athletic shoe merged with the water-resistance and professional look that makes these the best shoes for Tour Guides.

" Walked over 20 miles through Washington DC on a tour while raining and my feet felt very comfortable and remained very dry. Would highly highly recommend these shoes. "

empirelawnsolutions I cant wait to break these bad boys in! Talk about comfortable! @kujoyardwear Thank you making a quality shoe for us #yardguys.
southernacreslawncare Unleashed the kicks on the lawn today! So far so good.... Comfortable, light weight, and never got hot. Getting ready for a week of subjecting them to abuse!
mowermanls Real indepth testing today with @kujoyardwear! Recieved them Friday but only used them for a couple jobs. Today its muddy due to random rain and wet grass. No clean new shoes here to see just hard working real world shots here. So far they have performed as advertised. It's like having boot with out the weight and still have dry feet and sock.
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