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Yard Shoe Landscape Boot

The Kujo Yard Shoe
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Black + Green

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Grey + Purple

Built like a boot. Fits like a shoe.
the durable tread of a kujo shoe
Durable Tread
the water resistant material of the kujo shoe
Water Resistant
the breathable material of the kujo shoe
the lightweight material of the kujo shoe
4.5/5 (460 Reviews)
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Outstanding Quality and Protection
May 11, 2020
Mens Yard Shoes | Color: Grey + Green | Size: 9 | Verified Purchase
Just wanted to let you know you have a customer for life. This shoe literally saved my foot a few days ago. I slipped and my foot went under the guard and into the blade while running. The shoe itself has not one cut or tear in it. The pure blunt force of the blade against the shoe did cut my big toe in half horizontally causing me to be rushed to the trauma center but they were able to sew it and get it back together. I will be off my feet for a short while, but this could have been much worse. If the blade had actually penetrated the shoe I would have lost multiple toes or entire foot..who knows. The sole on these shoes saved me big time so just wanted to say Thanks for making a such a quality product. One that can stand up against the blade of a 32 inch commercial stand on mower.
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Comfortable right from the start.
April 29, 2020
Womens Yard Shoes | Color: Grey + Purple | Size: 8.5 | Verified Purchase
I am very happy with these shoes - my finnicky 70 year old feet agree. These are great shoes for yard work. Shopping online for shoes can be challenging. Depending on the shoe I am somewhere between a size 8.5 and size 9. I tried them both . The size 8.5 fit well but I found them to be a little snug if I put on thicker socks so I went up to the size 9 and liked that fit better. (I usually wear a size 9 in a running shoe for reference.) They are comfortable right from the start and look sturdy and well made. Love the purple laces. Customer service is great. I really appreciate the free shipping and free return policy. Really nice folks to deal with.
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Totally Worth It (for my needs, anyway)
April 28, 2020
Mens Yard Shoes | Color: Grey + Green | Size: 10.5 | Verified Purchase
So far, so good! A few years ago, I tore a tendon in my ankle and ever since, I've needed some ankle support when walking on uneven surfaces. And since my new yard is quite sloped and situated such that the most efficient way to mow it is by walking across the slope (vs up & down), I really need that support. I love my Red Wing workboots that I've worn in the past, but they can be heavy and cumbersome. The Kujo Yard Shoe provides just enough ankle support so that it doesn't ache when I'm finished, but is still lightweight and flexible. My first time wearing them was all day - mowing, edging, weeding, spot spraying weeds, and spreading GrubEx. By the end of the day, my feet felt fresh! I'm loving these things!

The X1 Landscape Boot
Stylized Kujo X1 Landscape Boot

Premium Protection. Unrivaled Agility.
the composite safety toe of the X1 Landscape Boot
Composite Safety Toe
the lightweight and breathable X1 Landscape Boot
Light & Breathable
the durable tread of the X1 Landscape Boot
Durable Tread
the water resistance of the X1 Landscape Boot
Water Resistant

In The Wild
empirelawnsolutions I cant wait to break these bad boys in! Talk about comfortable! @kujoyardwear Thank you making a quality shoe for us #yardguys
southernacreslawncare Unleashed the kicks on the lawn today! So far so good.... Comfortable, light weight, and never got hot. Getting ready for a week of subjecting them to abuse!
mowermanls Real indepth testing today with @kujoyardwear! Recieved them Friday but only used them for a couple jobs. Today its muddy due to random rain and wet grass. No clean new shoes here to see just hard working real world shots here. So far they have performed as advertised. It's like having boot with out the weight and still have dry feet and sock.
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