The #1 product customers ask us to make is work pants. Specifically pants with lots of pockets for phone, keys, trimmer line, pods...

Kujo was started in Henry Ford's backyard, and we have always been inspired by his renown quote: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."


In this spirit, we are not launching pants - you don't want pants. What you actually want is pockets. And so we are excited today to officially launch the Kujo Cargos.

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Kujo Cargos are attachable cargo pockets designed to fit for all Kujo shoes (as well as New Balance). Kujo Cargos can be worn on either shoe, on the inside or outside side, and stackable up to three levels. Why should cargo pants have a monopoly on cargo pockets? Today we free the pockets.

You've been asking, and we we've basically heard you.

Learn more about our Kujo Cargos.