When we launched Kujo, we knew we were at risk of others trying to knock off our innovative shoe design, but we didn't know it would get this bad.

It has recently come to our attention that Craig's DIY Vids has released a DIY version of our flagship yard shoe. While we are aware that our shoes aren't the cheapest shoe option, we are proud of our longevity and quality materials...something we feel Craig has failed to replicate.

Join us as we sit down with our CEO Shawn Langton to analyze this version and call out the shortcomings of this DIY hack.

Step 1. Sole

DIY Yard Shoes - Sole

From day one, Kujo has boasted of our boot-like tread, which didn't go unnoticed by Craig. He too has utilized the tread of a boot by snipping the sole right off.

"The problem with using just any old sole," assesses CEO Shawn Langton, "is that you don't know how well it will perform in grass. It might be more slippery and you'll lose the overall functionality the shoe should offer."

Step 2. Midsole

DIY Yard Shoes - Midsole

While Kujo has sought the right balance of cushion and support for their sole, Craig's turf option did look very comfortable.

"It might feel good the first time you slip your foot in, but after a whole season, I feel like it can't last. Craig never advises whether you water your shoes to keep that soft luscious grass (which will result in wet feet) or not (then you're walking around on dead grass and dried dirt)," explains Langton "Not to mention, some people prefer more arch support."

Step 3. Upper

DIY Yard Shoes - Upper

Instead of our breathable mesh, Craig opted for a breathable t-shirt.

"Frankly, Craig's upper looks pretty damn breathable, but I can't figure out how he created such a formed upper just by folding," remarks Kujo CEO, "I wish he would have shown a little more about how to fold it so perfectly...it may be something we could implement in the future."

Step 4. Waterproof Toe Cap

DIY Yard Shoes - Waterproof Toe Cap

And of course, Craig did his best to duplicate the famous Kujo waterproof toe cap. The secret sauce to keeping our breathable shoes so dry in dewy grass. While it's unclear where he got that random piece of plastic, it doesn't seem to be as durable as ours.

"The material Craig uses definitely looks like it will repel water, but it doesn't appear to be totally leakproof," critiques Langton, "there is literally a gap where it met the sole. I mean, the guy only used three pieces of duct tape to adhere the entire boot together."


DIY Yard Shoes - Finished Product

While we commend Craig's DIY Vids for offering valuable content to his "lawn-migos" and sincerely wish him the best, we believe that, in the long run, everyone will be happier spending a little bit more to have shoes that are assembled with stitching rather than Elmer's. We hope that our loyal customers will continue to support our company rather than make their own.

You can watch Craig's entire DIY Yard Shoe Video here: