As your garden beds begin to bloom, add your own pop of color with this quick and easy DIY. In less than an hour, you can dress your front door with the perfect spring decor! Grab your supplies, find a comfy spot in the grass, and make your own beautiful Spring Wreath.

What You'll Need

  • A Grapevine Wreath. I used an 18" wreath.
  • Artificial Flower Bunches. I picked three different colored bunches of coordinating peonies, then bought 4 of each color.
  • Ribbon for hanging the wreath.
  • Scissors for splitting the bunches into individual flowers.


First step is to break up the bunches. Cut each flower off of the bunch, leaving as much of the stem as possible, until you have 5 individual flowers per bunch.


Choose your first color. Insert the flower on an angle into the wreath, when it pops out of the other side weave it around the grapevine to attach. No glue is needed which is perfect for later repurposing your wreath or flowers for a future DIY.


Grab the rest of the 4 flowers from that bunch and stagger them one at a time, leaving space in between them while following the same angled direction.


Moving onto the second color, insert a flower halfway through the stagger from the previous color. Continue to fill in all 5 around the first section and create a new section with voids.


Then comes the third color. Again, begin by filling in the spaces from the previous color and create more spaces for the next color. Now that you've gotten through all 3 colors, go back to the first color. Continue to stagger the colors until you have made your way around the wreath.


Use any remaining flowers to fill in spaces that need a little extra TLC. Voila! In less than an hour, you have created a beautiful handmade wreath that comes with bragging rights and all.


To hang, weave a ribbon through the top of the wreath and tie a bow.

How did yours turn out? Tag us on Twitter or Instagram to show us your wreath! Happy Spring!