Inspired by our two favorite pastimes, this guide will help you work and drink your way through the year. We're all for cracking open a Busch Light 12 months a year, but if your taste buds change like the seasons, you have to reward your hard work with some of our hometown favorites.


Work: Let's Get To Work

With little maintenance to do in the yard, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to clean and sharpen your lawn and garden tools and have your power equipment serviced.

Drink: Bell's Winter White Ale

January Beer - Bell's Winter White Ale


Work: Get In Shape

Time to prune and re-shape evergreen shrubs and shade trees during this winter dormant period.

Drink: Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

February Beer - Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald


Work: Turf War

Apply lawn pre-emergent treatments to control dandelions and crabgrass this upcoming spring and summer.

Drink: Founder's KBS

March Beer - Founder's KBS


Work: Punching Holes

Whether you hire, rent, or own an aerator, now's the time to help promote that healthy green growth.

Drink: Bell's Two Hearted

April Beer - Bell's Two Hearted


Work: Mulch is Life

Freshen up your space by replacing or just refreshing mulch around plants and landscaping beds.

Drink: Wicked Weed Golden Angel

May Beer - Wicked Weed Golden Angel


Work: Let's Mow, Bro

The king of yard chores, mow the grass and change up the direction/pattern each time for stripes that stand out.

Drink: Bell's Oberon

June Beer - Bell's Oberon


Work: Freshen Flowers

Cut back spent flowers of annuals and perennials to encourage new blooms.

Drink: Jolly Pumpkin Bam Bière

July Beer - Jolly Pumpkin Bam Bière


Work: Make It Rain

No getting lazy! Keep watering your lawns, ornamental plants and vegetables, and outdoor potted plants for long lives.

Drink: Wicked Weed Freak of Nature

August Beer - Wicked Weed Freak of Nature


Work: Planting Roots

Begin planting trees and shrubs in autumn to allow them time to grow stronger roots.

Drink: Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale

September Beer - Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale


Work: Bring Out Your Dead

Remove spent summer annuals, Prune dead blooms off perennials, and plant fall annuals.

Drink: Great Lakes Brewing Oktoberfest

October Beer - Great Lakes Brewing Oktoberfest


Work: Rake That

Mulch or rake leaves regularly to prevent a thick layer of leaves, insects, and diseases.

Drink: Foothills Sexual Chocolate

November Beer - Foothills Sexual Chocolate


Work: Deck the Halls

Don your ugliest Christmas sweater and start hanging your Christmas lights and wreaths!

Drink: Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale

December Beer - Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale