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Born to party, this hostess with the mostest is bursting with ideas to make your next get-together a bash! With delicious recipes, party ideas, and savvy tips for outdoor entertaining - it's time to inject the Kujo fun and flair into your parties!

The one that started it all, our Chief Executive Yard Lover built this company with his passion for his yard and always having the right gear to dominate. A master of the grill and a landscaping aficionado, Shawn can't wait to share his knowledge and passion.

With a garden trowel in one hand, a croquet mallet in the other, and laughing at his own corny garden puns, this organic enthusiast practically lives in his back yard. Quick with a joke, or to grow artichokes, there's nowhere that he'd rather be.

This grass-catching weed-slaying guy loves everything lawn related from taking care of client needs to interesting yard sales. He's mow-tivated and here to make life a little easier with How To's and a few things they don't teach you in school.

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