The New Year is here and like many, we have goals we would like to achieve. Perhaps some of you have some #lawngoals that need tending to. Whether your are a do-it-yourselfer or want to hire out, here are a few ideas to put on your list in 2019.

Why Pre Emergent?

Pre Emergent is a chemical compound that can be applied a few times a year to keep those pesky weeds under control. Now keep in mind this is not a miracle potion. Some believe one application and poof you're done. Wishful thinking of course. A beautiful lawn requires some T.L.C. every year. Think of it like going to the gym to lose weight or build muscle. You won't be able to drink a shake and have the body you desire. It takes time and hard work. Early on you'll want to apply some type of pre emergent or have it done professionally. This acts as a barrier in the soil to prevent new seedlings from sprouting up in your lawn. You can also add a weed specific killer for weeds that are already present. This will definitely increase your chances of success from the start. Please be sure to do some research first on what is best for the grass you have or ask for guidance from a professional.

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Thatch is the layer of dead grass that accumulates on the soil throughout the year. This can prevent oxygen, sunlight, and water from reaching the root system. Here in Oklahoma, the bermuda grass can grow horizontally which can build up pretty quickly.

A few options include:

  • Chemicals applied to help break the material down.

  • Core Aeration that pulls small cores from your soil to allow more oxygen and water to penetrate.

  • A Power Rake to pull and cut through the thatch.

These can be tedious however the results are worth the effort.

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Some grasses will require reseeding or over seeding. Grasses can thin out throughout the year for various reasons so adding new seeds will help boost the thickness of your lawn. Machines can be rented to help with this endeavor.

Image Description A slit seeder makes cuts into the soil and has a seed reservoir to plant new seeds.

A core aerator will pull cores from the soil creating holes for seeds to be planted. You can then use a broadcast spreader to scatter the seeds into those new holes. Make sure to apply adequate water and your lawn will be back in shape in no time. Weeds love a bare patch of dirt so tending to areas that are thin will help keep weeds to a minimum. With a new year, why not have a lawn you love!