Shopify Plan Calculator


After years of thinking we were saving money on the cheapest Shopify plan, we discovered that more expensive plans (with some features that would have been nice, and a ton that we didn't need or want) was actually cheaper, all the while thinking we were saving money! This is because the "more expensive plans" with features we were doing without (to save money) or didn't need and thus wouldn't want to pay to get, have cheaper credit card and third party transaction fees.

Shopify Plan Monthly Cost Credit Card Transaction % 3rd Party Transaction %
Lite* $9 2.9% 2.0%
Basic $29 2.9% 2.0%
Shopify $79 2.6% 1.0%
Advanced Shopify $299 2.4% 0.5%
Shopify Plus $2000 2.15% 0.0%

*FYI, "Lite" is listed as a plan. This is a bit misleading. "Lite" is just the "Basic" plan (same credit card transaction fees, etc) but with no store. In general, if you remove the store from your plan, Shopify charges you $20 less for the plan. Thus there is implicitly an un-named "lite" version of the plans as well - if you remove the store you save $20 off the plan.

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